Preparing for a Commercial Painting Project

How to Prepare for Commercial Building Paint Jobs

Painting a commercial building has a lot of benefits, but the most successful painting projects involve a lot of planning to get the surfaces ready for painting. Most business owners think of a project as a success if it is finished on time, on budget, and has results that look good and last a long time. A good contractor knows how to prepare for painting, and pros learn all the trade tricks and put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that every surface is ready to be painted.

Interior Painting Preparation

Commercial clients are often some of the most demanding. Project leaders and building managers are responsible for exemplary leadership and giving all employees an excellent workplace. This is why choosing the right painting contractor is so important. To avoid a less-than-ideal situation, choose a contractor who puts in a lot of work to fix the interior walls so they can be painted.

The best contractors know how to prepare surfaces for painting because they have people on their teams who know how to level characters, fix cracks and other flaws, or do some light carpentry or masonry work in places that need more work. But they also prepare the interiors by taking out electronics, moving and covering furniture, protecting soft furnishings, and doing other things that prepare all parts of the workspace.

Exterior Painting Preparation

When painting outside a commercial building, the contractor must be committed to doing an excellent job in every way, from planning and preparing for the painting to bringing in the right tools and equipment. Even in the same position, the surfaces of commercial buildings can be different, which is why your contractor needs to know how to prepare all kinds of exterior surfaces, not just the most common ones.

Most of the time, washing the surfaces is the first step in getting ready to paint the outside of a building. This could be done with a power washer (only on surfaces that can handle it) or by wiping them down with a detergent or water. Before painting, good contractors will make sure that all surfaces are clean and dry, and moisture and dirt will keep the paint from sticking properly.

Commercial painting can be challenging, but finding a good painter in Visalia, CA is easy! Delight Painting ensures that projects are well-prepared and clients get great results. Call (559) 223-9824 now to make an appointment.

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